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Získej karaoke texty Sasha, které tolik milujete. Seznam obsahuje karaoke texty, texty starších písní i texty horkých novinek Sasha. Nauč se všechna slova své oblíbené skladby nebo rozjeď vlastní karaoke party dnes v noci :-).

Sasha - Let Me Be the One
Videoklip a text písně Let Me Be the One od Sasha. Let me be the one for you, Let me be the one for you Let me be the one for you..
Sasha - Lucky Day
Videoklip a text písně Lucky Day od Sasha. Don't hesitate, for this is very urgent I' m in a state in which I should not be It's up to you, to let a minute s..
Sasha - Chemical Reaction
Videoklip a text písně Chemical Reaction od Sasha. All my wantings got to stop I need some love to fill me up Come in close and hold me tight..
Sasha - Im Still Waitin
Videoklip a text písně Im Still Waitin od Sasha. I'm still waitin' for you oh I'm still waitin' for you I'm still waitin' for your loveside..
Sasha - Easy
Videoklip a text písně Easy od Sasha. It's I'm easy I'm easy like Sunday morning It's I'm easy I'm easy like Sunday morning..
Sasha - There she goes
Text písně There she goes od Sasha. There she goes, far away, so close There she goes, like uhuhlala There she goes like a miracle on the road And god ...
Sasha Lopez - Beautiful Life
Videoklip a text písně Beautiful Life od Sasha Lopez. Oh, it's a beautiful world, it's a beautiful life, Make ya move and make love 'til the sunshine, hey I..
Sasha - This Is My Time
Videoklip a text písně This Is My Time od Sasha. This is my time this is my life..
Sasha - Pleese Please Please
Videoklip a text písně Pleese Please Please od Sasha. Please! Please! Please! I don't need another night like that. Please! Please! Please! Leave me alone a..
Sasha - Reach Inside
Text písně Reach Inside od Sasha. Is there any hope A thousand words can't say Politicians choke While we stand off believing it's okay..
Sasha Lopez - Sasha Lopez
Videoklip a text písně Sasha Lopez - All My People (Greysound Remix) od Sasha Lopez. Hey mister lover, I need a dancer To make me shake my boody..
Čawas - Sasha Dith
Text písně Sasha Dith od Čawas. Chorus: (x2) I don't need a parachute Baby, if I' ve got you Baby, if I've got you I don't need a parachute You're gonna cat..
Sasha - Take Good Care
Videoklip a text písně Take Good Care od Sasha. Keep tipping over myself for you It's like I've lost my balance Don't know what to do You pick me up The..
Sasha - Lost in Your Blue Eyes
Videoklip a text písně Lost in Your Blue Eyes od Sasha. I'm lost in your blue eyes. .
Sasha - Club Cest La Vie
Text písně Club Cest La Vie od Sasha. And as the curtains opened Rita hit the floor A smile so wild that all the boys would ask for more She opened up h..
Sasha - Love Is All Around
Videoklip a text písně Love Is All Around od Sasha. That feeling again When two hearts collide It comes deep from within And your Soul's open wide..
Sasha - Automatic
Videoklip a text písně Automatic od Sasha. I liven up for giving in I'm never cold but shivering the more I learn the less I know gotta dig myself out of..
Sasha - Let Me Have You Girl
Text písně Let Me Have You Girl od Sasha. I don't wanna hear you I heard it all before just give me one good reason to not walk out the door..
Joan Baez - For Sasha
Videoklip a text písně For Sasha od Joan Baez. And I remember the holocaust I remember all we lost The families torn and the borders crossed And I sing of i..
Snakehips - Overtime (feat. Sasha Keable)
Videoklip a text písně Overtime (feat. Sasha Keable) od Snakehips. Ahh, I'm doing overtime Ahh, all because you're not mine..
Sasha - Lipstick on the Mirror
Sunday morning and again I opened up my eyes to lift my shattered head Started mending all the pieces to explain the chaos 'round my bed And I stumbled to ...
Sasha - Keep on Runnin'
You make me believe in magic I never felt this way before My heart is wide open, baby Just come back, don't hurt me no more Don't you worry, I know the ...
Sasha - Coming Home
It's a beautiful day It's a beautiful morning I'm coming home It's a beautiful day Memories are calling Coming I'm coming home After the fall There comes a time to ...
Sasha Lopez & Tony T & Big Ali - Beautiful Life ...
25. srpen 2013 Sasha Lopez & Tony T & Big Ali - Beautiful Life - text písně. Více než 110 000 textů a překladů písniček online! U většiny písní videoklip.
Sasha - Something Stupid
Something stupid's going on Something stupid's going on Every time you call on the phone You hit my heart It's pumpin' thinking that I did something wrong, ...
Sasha - Take Good Care
You say you want me And that's a thrill It's like I'm bungee jumping While I'm standing still You wash me over Leave me out to dry But I still got suspicions Can  ...
Sasha - Slowly
So many faces Passin' me by Each of them nameless And hollow inside Tell me, do you feel the same? Could we live the dream they all run to? Believe me ...
Sasha - Chemical Reaction
Serious emergency Someone come and rescue me Help me make it through the night All my wantings got to stop I need some love to fill me up Come in close ...
Sasha - I'm Alive
When I wake up and the sun won't shine And I see the bedlam all around me I turn over and get back to sleep again If I could skip or erase this day But it's much  ...
Sasha Jour De Chance (Lucky Day)
Jour De Chance (Lucky Day). Sasha. Tištěno z Sponzor: - vyberte si pojištění online! Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf. org)
Sasha - Don't Say Good-bye
You closed the door and walked away I couldn't find a word to say it's been more than a week since you've been gone you stayed away, it hurts so much I start to ...
Sasha - How Do You Know
It's really amazing my live is complete I've got all I wanted more than I need Those were the words I heard myself say but I'm not so sure anymore I think I was  ...
Sasha - Why Does Everybody Hurt
The words you said still linger on It's just you're still here I wonder if you hadn't gone The waters would have cleared Are you hiding from something Do you hear  ...
Sasha - This Is My Time
If you're feelin'kind of down And nothing really seems to work out right You're troubles might be awfull But don't you let you`re head hang down tonight Just ...
Sasha - Easy
No time's running but I just can't stand the pain Girl I'm leaving you tomorrow Seems to me girl you know what and all I can You see a back stole and I borrow It's ...
Sasha - Here She Comes Again
Met a girl and wrote a letter to get her Asking her if she could fill a hole in my heart Now I got myself all messed up just my luck That she won't be buying and I  ...
Sasha - Turn It Into Something Special
Bmi Intro Strophe A Emi G Bmi A Emi G Bmi There's a voice inside us all, calling out so we don't fall. A Emi G Bmi A Emi A Nothing's lost that can´t be found ...
Sasha - Lost in Your Blue Eyes
Another endless night is gone I couldn't fall asleep the world is tumbling down on me, oh yeah do you remember yesterday ? do you remember me ? I couldn't ...
Sasha - Owner Of My Heart
26. srpen 2006 Sasha - Owner Of My Heart - text písně. Více než 110 000 textů a překladů písniček online! U většiny písní videoklip. Vložte nový text písně a ...
Let Me Have You Girl od Sasha
You say you've got no reason why to get up and say goodbye but listen hard I Iet you know just one night and you won't go. I don't wanna hear you. I heard it all ...

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